Investment Realestate

We offer our clients the ability to own investment real estate and rental property without all of the headaches that go with management of those assets. Our realestate investments include raw land and commercial land that we either develop or hold for capital gains.

We also invest in existing rental property, both commercial and residential.


Private Equity

We invest in small businesses that have the potential to grow rapidly. We take great ideas and hand-pick management teams to execute the ideas. We believe that ideas are everywhere and easy to find. The process of execution of these ideas is what separates a successful business from and unsuccessful one. The most important elements in the successful execution of an idea are the right people and the right amount of money. We make sure the two come together.

Fractional Ownership

We bring groups together to share ownership in a variety of assets that are not traditionally seen as investments, but can be leased or rented to create a business and thereby reduce costs and taxes associated with ownership. This class of assets includes aircraft, boats and vacation homes. We manage the leasing and maintenance of these assets so the owners can use them without the usual headaches of sole ownership.

Quality Assets